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With Clarity Breathwork & The Femme! Experience

August 17-19th, 2018


Lifebridge Sanctuary / August 17-19th 2018

The Journey

Welcome to the Journey

This is a one of a kind retreat that centers around revolutionary breathwork, The Femme! Experience, and cognitive reframing tools that can make remarkable changes in your life. 
  • Heal past traumas

  • Feel lighter, revived

  • Discover how to use breath as a powerful medicine

  • Feel good in your body

  • Relieve anxiety

  • De-stress & detoxify

  • Release emotional pain

  • Learn how to use movement to heal and transform​

  • Reclaim your power

  • Gain clarity

  • Cultivate Joy

  • Gain healthy coping skills

  • Learn tools to change your mindset

  • Consciousness raising

  • Connect with peers

What is Clarity Breathwork?
It's a gentle breathing technique that clears the mind and opens the subconscious where clarity and truth align. It enables you to feel all emotions fully and safely, then permanently liberate old wounds, past traumas, emotional pain, and inner stress trapped in your body. 
What is the Femme! Experience?
It is a passionate fusion of dance, sensual motion, meditation and celebration of the feminine form. It creates sacred, safe spaces for all to feel and live fully as human beings; to move in sensual ways, to explore and release emotions, to transform or release beliefs about themselves and to unapologetically love their bodies!
Feeling Stuck or Burnt Out? Want to feel Free, Alive, and in your Joy again?
Come and rejuvinate yourself. Reconnect to yourself, to your truth, to your light and vitality. Leave feeling renewed, lighter, awakened, and empowered.
Welcome to Revive Retreat! We are truly excited to share this retreat that comes from our hearts. We have come together to create a healing weekend that's ideal for women who want to transform their lives.
The two of us met while completing our training in Clarity Breathwork and have both been amazed at how this healing modality has changed our lives as well as hundreds of others in our private practices. It is our passion to share it with the world. We also bring Amanda's cognitive reframing tools and Anne's Femme! Experience to make this a retreat for the mind, body and soul.
Join us for weekend with beautiful food, stunning surroundings and a journey from healing to joy. We look forward to seeing you there.
Anne & Amanda

What's Included

  • 2 Clarity Breathwork group sessions

  • 2 Femme! Experience  classes - with live African drumming


  • 2 Hatha Yoga Classes (mixed level)

  • 1 Indigenous Plant Medicine - Tea making class


  • 2 Nights accommodation at Lifebridge Sanctuary

  • 6 Healthy delicious meals prepared by a private chef

  • Free time for hiking trails, nearby lake and creative activities

* Private 1-on-1 Clarity Breathwork Sessions Available

What's Included
Lifebridge Sanctuary
333 Mountain Road Rosendale, NY


Lifebridge is a a place of beauty, privacy and quiet, offering a perfect environment for overnight retreats or day conferences. The care taken in every aspect of the design and building of the facility, together with the expansive Catskill views and the unspoiled woodland environment have helped to create a space perfectly suited to deep reflective work.

This includes tuition, meals and 2 nights stay

Accomodations & Pricing



Sunset Alcove sleeps 2 with shared bath of northern and southern rooms - full access to Mountain View Deck.

This includes tuition, meals and 2 nights stay



Talking Stone room sleeps up to 3 guests in with their own full bath. Corner Stone room offers generous views of the Catskills, sleeps up to 5 guests comfortably and includes a private bath.


 Come on a journey that nourishes the soul 



Anne Margolis
​Midwife, Clarity Breathwork Practicioner & Licensed Femme! Teacher
  • Clarity Breathwork Practitioner 

  • Licensed Femme! Dance Experience Teacher

  • #1International Bestseller of three books

  • Certified Nurse Midwife for 22 years

  • B.S. in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania

  • Degree in Nurse-Midwifery from the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing

  • M.S. in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University.

  • Yoga teacher training from Nosara Yoga Institute and Yoga Garden of San Francisco - Yoga Alliance Certified 

  • Completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One & Two Training with Gabrielle Bernstein

  • Mastery & Creation Course Graduate of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts

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Amanda Asta
​Clarity Breathwork Practicioner & Wellness Coach​
  • Clarity Breathwork Practitioner  
  • Published over 50 times in domestic and international publications
  • Certified Life Coach
  • B.A. University of British Columbia
  • Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 
  • Performed over 20 public speeches for both professional and academic audiences
  • Worked with plant medicines in Peru
  • Trained in Incan Munay-Ki Rites of Peru
  • Successful Entrepreneur of two International Businesses
  • Studied Indigenous Plant Medicines at Kwantlen First Nation
  • Exhibited paintings in Paris, Brussels and Vancouver
  • Crisis-line volunteer at Vancouver Rape Relief
  • Travelled to 29 countries around the world
  • Fluent in Swedish, proficient in German and French
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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this retreat a good fit for me?

-This retreat is perfect for you if you are looking for an immersive experience to help you feel alive again, and let go of past emotional pain and trauma. You will learn how to use powerful breathwork, the Femme! experience, and cognitive reframing tools to heal and transform your life and cultivate more joy. This retreat is all about feeling alive and free in body, mind, and soul.  


2) How long is the retreat going to last?

-The Revive Retreat is 3-days and 2-nights, and it includes the beautiful accommodations, group activities, classes, and workshops, nourishing meals, hikes, and more. 


3) Are the accommodations shared? Who do I share a room with?


-Yes, all accommodations at Lifebridge are shared. This fosters greater connection in the group and creates a supportive environment. Many participants feel as though they have made friendships after these retreats. 

If you sign up with a friend and let us know we will do our best to put you in the same room. We cannot guarantee but we will try our best to put you in together. 


4) Can I sign up with a friend?

-Yes absolutely, we encourage it! See the answer above regarding accommodation assignment.


5) Can you accommodate my food allergies/intolerance? 

-Yes, any allergies must be clearly stated before the retreat so that we can ensure all food is prepared safely for you.


6) Who do I reach out for in case I have questions about booking or my stay?


-Send an email to and we will be happy to assist you.


7) Do I need any prior experience in movement, breathwork or any activities you will be offering?

-No, this is the beauty of this retreat - breathwork is very intuitive and with any movement instruction you are encourage to be free with your body. There is no right or wrong, no prior training required, as long as you move in a way that is safe for your body and that doesn't cause any pain. Feeling good in the body and releasing anything that doesn't is the main objective. 



Please feel free to contact us by email, or fill in the form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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